“2018” who is she?

Welcome the new girl in town Miss 2019! It’s crazy to think another year has passed and a new one is just beginning. 2018 was a crazy year for me personally with lots of changes and a lot of new opportunities that I got to experience. I got to experience so many things this past year and for better or worse 2018 is over! What exactly will happen in 2019? Lord only knows but cheers to the new year!

2018 Highlights:

This past year I got to participate in the ever famous Disney College Program in the spring of 2018! The DCP is a professional internship that college age students can apply to be a part of. I was selected for the Spring Advantage term and was there from January until July and I loved every second of it! I also was able to travel a bit (never as much as I want). I got to spend time in Miami, Key West, Kansas City, and Chicago. Most of these trips were spent with family or friends eating food and having a great time. In 2018 I also transferred schools and changed my major in the process. I was accepted into nursing school and have made amazing new connections at school. Lastly (and arguable the best part of the past year) I turned 21 and partied as hard as I could with having to work the next morning! Pink wig on and drink in hand I got to spend my birthday with friends, family, and some fabulous drag queens. 2018 was one to remember.

2019 Hopes:

The future is bright and man am I excited for it. This year I want to achieve a lot personal goals for myself and I believe strongly this will lead to more happiness in my life. My biggest hope for the new year is to do well in my nursing program and become an amazing LPN. I am hoping to work as an LPN for a few months before going on to the RN program. I also want this blog to really become something bigger. I am hoping this takes me places I have only dreamed before. I hope to explore who I am and the city I live in and better myself in the process. Of course the typical “get healthy and travel more” is on my list too. I am working everyday towards these goals and I hope to share about every single one of my hopes becoming my reality with you all.

All new years are a time to change, a time to better yourself, and a chance to be who you would like to become. However I also believe resolutions don’t end in January. Change takes time and you have to continuously work towards. Here is to working towards new hopes and working on myself this year!

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