Decorating my new townhouse!

I absolutely love decorating but what I don’t love is my little budget for it! See my budget is a great thing to have but when it comes to decorating a whole townhouse it kind of sucks! But I do have lots of ways to get around a small budget with a large amount of space to decorate. Pinterest truly has been a complete blessing when it comes to decorating on a budget! With items on how to recycle things you already have or how to get a DIY version of something that you saw for sale that is just too expensive.

First off we have to start this out with talking about HOBBY LOBBY!! I love this place, oh my gosh. They always have revolving sale ads that make cheap decorating relatively easy. A lot of my canvas art or the wooden signs I got once they were on sale! One plus to shopping here is something is always on sale. Wooden signs and canvas art arent on sale at the same time so if your budget only allows for one item you can come back another week when the other is on sale. I personally never pay more than $10 for artwork from Hobby Lobby if you shop the right way. Plus you need to look for coupons for items.  Another perk of this is holiday discounts! Holiday decor goes on sale before and after the holidays so it makes picking up those items much cheaper. I can’t speak any higher of my love for Hobby Lobby. These are a few of the art pieces I have got from Hobby Lobby!


But what if you were to say, “But Hannah I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me, what should I do?” My next stop is usually one of three places; Goodwill, Marshalls, or Target. My favorite thing to do when shopping at Goodwill or Marshalls specifically is to go into the aisles and just look for things that would look good in your house regardless of colors. Let’s say you find a vase that is bright blue but your decor is blush pink. SPRAY PAINT THAT VASE (if you can). This is hands down my favorite thing. I will look and find things that easily can be repainted or cleaned up or even added to something else to make it a new item! I have countless items in my townhouse that were once another color but have been given new life with a coat of spray paint! Here are a couple examples:

Target is another place I love to shop for home decor. I love looking at the clearance end caps and using Target cartwheel to get decor at a discounted price. This is often where I get things that I have looked for over and over at thrift stores or Marshalls and just can’t seem to find. I got my two throw pillows for my bed from Target among other pieces. Another great place to look is the Target dollar bin! I have a succulent corner in my room and I got lots of succulents from there for $3 and painted the bottoms a cream/white color that goes better with my room.

Keep in mind that decorating a new place will not happen overnight and that is my favorite part. You constantly can keep searching for new items and added pieces to your home. Sales are always changing and new trends are coming in by the day so it’s okay for a room to feel unfinished. Keep going until you are happy with it or until you recognize you need to give it some time between spending money on it again. Decorating is so much fun for me and I love sharing new things I find and new decor ideas.

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