The only way that I get everything well mostly everything done with my hectic life is by staying organized so that I know what is left to do. By keeping things on a list or all squared away in my planner it helps give tasks a priority in my long list of things. Personally it took me a long time to figure out the exact system that worked best for me. Everyone is a little different so try a few things here and there and see what will work for you. Here are a few of my secrets to managing a busy schedule and living your best life.

First I will start with my planners! Yes I said planners. Having more than one planner is that special thing that works for me! It might be overkill but I know everything has a place in them and I know when things are and when I have to be certain places. My first planner is electronic and is downloaded on every phone in my family. We use the app Cozi to organize all five our of schedules. With my parents constantly on the road, my papa in assisted living, and my brother and I at home it’s hard to know what we are all doing. On the app we share appointment dates, locations of stays and how long, and other necessary information. Next I have my hard cover planner which is just for personal use and for class and homework. In this adorable planner from Marshalls are pages full of color coded appointments, class schedule, and the 900 homework assignments. The last planner is a planner just for this blog. It has my posting schedule with post titles and times. It also has a journal in the back where I plan out the posts and things needed for those post such as instagrams or photos. It’s nice to have a place just for the blog, keeping it separate yet important!

As I mentioned earlier I also use a color coding system to keep everything organized! This helps when looking at my planner I can tell immediately what it is. I believe that a color coding system has helped me significantly because it makes all the mess of stuff I have into neat little lines and sections. It is important to pick colors for things that you will be able to easily tell what they are. I will say it does take time to fill out your planner with all the different colors and to remember to write in the correct colors! I will tell you a little about my colors and will include a few examples.

  • Pink: This is for Fundamentals of Nursing I which is my lecture class in nursing school. I have this class two times a week.
  • Orange: This is for Fundamentals of Nursing I clinical which I also have twice a week.
  • Green: This is reserved for my 6 week long classes that I have every Friday. At the time of this post I will be in Body Structure and Functions.
  • Teal: This is for work related things such as babysitting, dog watching, or Door Dash. I use this to keep track when I work and how much I make doing those jobs.
  • Purple: This is for to do lists within my planner and also for homework that I have. The purple is a nice contrast between the other colors I use for classes.
  • Black: Wacky holidays, appointments, and other important changes/add ons to my schedule

Lastly I use to-do lists every day to help me get things done. I will start everyday with a new list of things to get done either around the house, personally, or homework. I also have a weekly list of things that don’t need to be done on a certain day but still need to be done. My personal rule is to do the daily to-do lists and then pick one or two from the weekly list and get that done too to help get everything done that week! These to-do lists help make a long weekly list seem not so bad. I know it might sound silly but whenever my lists are done I reward myself with doing something that I want to do. It makes getting through a list seem more fun.

So there you have it, a few of my organizational tips to getting through a metic life. Now these might not work for you specifically or you might even come up with others that work better for you! Whatever your system is though once you figure it out it will help make your life a little easier.

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