Starting this with a blast to the past. The time is 2016 and this story takes place in the summer time. Amidst high school relationships ending and babysitting jobs I got the email from my college that Katlynn would be my roommate in the fall. Now at the time and after a little justified facebook stalking I had no idea that this 5’5″ little Disney obsessed figure skater would become the best friend I have ever had. This is the beginning of the famous story of Kat and Hannah and how our friendship has changed from FSC freshmen in the same dorm room to two medical students in different states. Our friendship has certainly changed since our FSC days and it is really hard to keep a friendship when you aren’t living in what I like to call the “FSC Fantasyland”.

First day we met was move in day!

Florida Southern College brought so many good things to my life. It brought be the experience in education that lead me to becoming a nursing major, it brought me the home I found in becoming s ZTA sister, and most importantly it brought me the chance to become friends with Kat. When we became roommates freshmen year we did everything together. We would study together, went to activities on campus together, had caf dates, and we spent a lot of time at Disney together. We were inseparable and any where I went she was there. Being in the same room created the ever famous ” FSC Fantasyland”. I call it this because we were always together and being in college we didn’t really have jobs and did everything together. Some of the best FSC memories I have involve Katlynn and I doing something together. Our famous lake drives that we would take when we were stressed out were some of the best times. We would blast the music, roll down the windows, and drive around and around until the stress melted away. We would have car dates and Buck stop pizza dates. We went to disney so many times that we celebrated 25 trips together in the first semester alone! Katlynn and I got into a lot of trouble together too, one time being when we went to the SPCA and I adopted Maya. Maya had not been approved to live with me so we snuck her into our building and kept her there for 2 days before leaving for Christmas break. Living with Katlynn was the best part of my college experience at FSC.

Sorority recruitment was just one of the million things we did together!

As our time went on into our sophomore year of college we both had heavy hearts as we were deciding to leave FSC and we hadn’t told each other yet. I was leaving FSC to change my major and Kat was leaving to go back to Chicago to go Pre Med to become and orthopedic surgeon. We hadn’t told each other and our friendship was strained a little because we both were hiding it from each other because we knew this would be and end to a chapter. This meant we would be leaving FSC, we wouldn’t be living together, and we would now be states apart. None of this was what we planned on but we had made the decision based off of what was best for ourselves. We decided to meet and talk about our decisions unaware what the other would be saying. After lots of tears and lots of figuring it out, we came to terms with the idea. This is when we, as a last ditch effort to experience something together, applied to do the DCP together. This is the part of the story that involves our magical mouse friend.

From one of the million trips to Disney we made together.

We found out two days apart that we would be doing the Disney College Program together starting in the spring semester of our sophomore year. We packed up our rooms knowing we would not be returning to FSC and headed to Orlando! Katlynn was an attractions cast member at the Magic Kingdom and I was a Photopass Photographer in MK too! We thought this was going to be another opportunity to be closer and do things together. However this program was not all magic and good times. We lived in different apartment complexes and we had opposite schedules and this was another huge adjustment for us. Our friendship went through a change and while we still hung out we both felt the distance growing and personally my heart was grieving this loss. We remained friends but our friendship had just changed. Both of us feeling this we made an effort to remain friends, even flying to LA together and things changed a little. But we knew what was coming after the programs ended. When the end of our programs came we would be changing schools and moving apart.

TBT to our trip to LA to go to Disneyland!

Adjusting to the new life we had was hard! Kat was in Chicago at a new school and I was here in a new school too. I was now living alone with my brother in a townhouse, starting a new job, and balance all that and school. Our daily conversations changed to every other day and then went to whenever we had a chance and this was not working for us. We called each other and figured out how to make this work as friends. Because one, I didn’t want to lose her and two she was the best best friend I had ever had. Even to this day we have issue communicating but with vacations together and effort on both sides we make it work. They say that friendships are another form of a relationship and every relationship takes work. Every relationship takes effort and good communication. We aren’t perfect at it but we are trying!

Our friendship has changed since our freshmen year days but I love our friendship now! Our conversations now are meaningful and we call about important things in our lives. Our friendship is more meaningful now and I know without a doubt our friendship will stand the test of time! My friendship with Katlynn is unlike any other I have had before and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Did I mention we love Disney!?

Katlynn I love and miss you so much! Oh and happy birthday by the way! See you next week love!

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