Being best friends in different states

Starting this with a blast to the past. The time is 2016 and this story takes place in the summer time. Amidst high school relationships ending and babysitting jobs I got the email from my college that Katlynn would be my roommate in the fall. Now at the time and after a little justified facebook stalking I had no idea that this 5’5″ little Disney obsessed figure skater would become the best friend I have ever had. This is the beginning of the famous story of Kat and Hannah and how our friendship has changed from FSC freshmen in the same dorm room to two medical students in different states. Our friendship has certainly changed since our FSC days and it is really hard to keep a friendship when you aren’t living in what I like to call the “FSC Fantasyland”.

First day we met was move in day!

Florida Southern College brought so many good things to my life. It brought be the experience in education that lead me to becoming a nursing major, it brought me the home I found in becoming s ZTA sister, and most importantly it brought me the chance to become friends with Kat. When we became roommates freshmen year we did everything together. We would study together, went to activities on campus together, had caf dates, and we spent a lot of time at Disney together. We were inseparable and any where I went she was there. Being in the same room created the ever famous ” FSC Fantasyland”. I call it this because we were always together and being in college we didn’t really have jobs and did everything together. Some of the best FSC memories I have involve Katlynn and I doing something together. Our famous lake drives that we would take when we were stressed out were some of the best times. We would blast the music, roll down the windows, and drive around and around until the stress melted away. We would have car dates and Buck stop pizza dates. We went to disney so many times that we celebrated 25 trips together in the first semester alone! Katlynn and I got into a lot of trouble together too, one time being when we went to the SPCA and I adopted Maya. Maya had not been approved to live with me so we snuck her into our building and kept her there for 2 days before leaving for Christmas break. Living with Katlynn was the best part of my college experience at FSC.

Sorority recruitment was just one of the million things we did together!

As our time went on into our sophomore year of college we both had heavy hearts as we were deciding to leave FSC and we hadn’t told each other yet. I was leaving FSC to change my major and Kat was leaving to go back to Chicago to go Pre Med to become and orthopedic surgeon. We hadn’t told each other and our friendship was strained a little because we both were hiding it from each other because we knew this would be and end to a chapter. This meant we would be leaving FSC, we wouldn’t be living together, and we would now be states apart. None of this was what we planned on but we had made the decision based off of what was best for ourselves. We decided to meet and talk about our decisions unaware what the other would be saying. After lots of tears and lots of figuring it out, we came to terms with the idea. This is when we, as a last ditch effort to experience something together, applied to do the DCP together. This is the part of the story that involves our magical mouse friend.

From one of the million trips to Disney we made together.

We found out two days apart that we would be doing the Disney College Program together starting in the spring semester of our sophomore year. We packed up our rooms knowing we would not be returning to FSC and headed to Orlando! Katlynn was an attractions cast member at the Magic Kingdom and I was a Photopass Photographer in MK too! We thought this was going to be another opportunity to be closer and do things together. However this program was not all magic and good times. We lived in different apartment complexes and we had opposite schedules and this was another huge adjustment for us. Our friendship went through a change and while we still hung out we both felt the distance growing and personally my heart was grieving this loss. We remained friends but our friendship had just changed. Both of us feeling this we made an effort to remain friends, even flying to LA together and things changed a little. But we knew what was coming after the programs ended. When the end of our programs came we would be changing schools and moving apart.

TBT to our trip to LA to go to Disneyland!

Adjusting to the new life we had was hard! Kat was in Chicago at a new school and I was here in a new school too. I was now living alone with my brother in a townhouse, starting a new job, and balance all that and school. Our daily conversations changed to every other day and then went to whenever we had a chance and this was not working for us. We called each other and figured out how to make this work as friends. Because one, I didn’t want to lose her and two she was the best best friend I had ever had. Even to this day we have issue communicating but with vacations together and effort on both sides we make it work. They say that friendships are another form of a relationship and every relationship takes work. Every relationship takes effort and good communication. We aren’t perfect at it but we are trying!

Our friendship has changed since our freshmen year days but I love our friendship now! Our conversations now are meaningful and we call about important things in our lives. Our friendship is more meaningful now and I know without a doubt our friendship will stand the test of time! My friendship with Katlynn is unlike any other I have had before and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Did I mention we love Disney!?

Katlynn I love and miss you so much! Oh and happy birthday by the way! See you next week love!

Babe on a Budget

As a college student in America, I am destined for school debt and credit card companies to target us to spend more money equalling more debt to pay off. Wellllllll I’m trying to beat those odds! My parents have taught me since my senior year of high school how to follow Dave Ramsey’s idea for budgeting. For those who don’t know Dave is big on eliminating debt or being in a place where you don’t go into debt. Right now I only have my school loans to pay back and the fact that I don’t have a credit card really helps with no debt. Dave says that as soon as you start planning out your budget to see where every single dollar goes.  He suggests using his app Every dollar and it works great for my parents but for me its harder due to my weekly paychecks. The app is set up for an overall month budget and for me its easier to do a weekly budget because I get paid every week versus biweekly. He also recommends having at least a 1,000 dollars set aside in your savings account for an emergency. My family calls this the “OH SHIT” fund and it’s for anytime that you have a bill that you weren’t planning on. Let’s say something like your car broke down or you go to the hospital. This money is set aside for times that you can’t pay for something that comes up. Now the main idea is you take your paycheck and allocate the money to different areas. But the biggest thing is Dave says you need to have the cash to pay for things, no cards unless its necessary to. Even if you use a card it has to be a debit card because that’s money you actually have to spend. Going along with the idea of using cash you need to have different envelopes labeled with what category it goes in. For instance, I have envelopes for rent, groceries, gas, Maya, eat out, to spend allowance and savings. For each of the categories you put in money to spend and what you have in there is all you have. If there isn’t money in the envelope you can’t get whatever it is you wanted. This requires a lot of self-control and discipline. At first, it will seem like a lot to take on and for me, it felt like I had no money to spend but that’s so far from the truth. Now I see that the money I do have its actually quite a lot and when I’m not just going out and buying things willy-nilly I have more money. Before the budget, I would go to my favorite place Target and just spend money because I saw it in my account. Now I have a limit and I have to decide, do I really need these 40 things from the dollar bin or should I save my money for something I really need? It really makes you sit and look at exactly where your money is going.


To help with my spendings I use fabric envelopes for the categories listed above to keep in my wallet so that I can see exactly what I can spend. Now mentioning the envelopes I get them made and have them customized to fit the categories. For example, my grocery envelope has veggies all over it and Maya’s envelope has little kitties on it. I get mine from the Etsy store Nana’s Magical Stitches that is linked here.  Having the fabric envelopes you see the money, have it on hand, and it’s cute too. Seeing the physical cash going away and the envelope getting emptier and emptier really will make you think about how you spend money. Now aside from the fabric envelopes I also write down every penny I spend to track where my money goes. This is allowing me to afford things such as travel and new experiences. With my budget, I can afford to go crazy on Florida’s tax-free weekend on clothes, afford to go to Chicago, and out of the country to Auckland! It’s crazy to think as a 20-year-old being able to afford trips like that. And on top of that, I am still saving money to pay off my loan for school.

This sudden change is hard and you have to work at it. Budgets are always changing and sometimes even every time you get paid but if you have a little self-discipline and the drive to pay off debt or to afford that new trip you want to take it gets easier. Dave says to give it at least three months. You will start to see a change and figure it out or maybe this system isn’t for you. After three months decide if this is working for you if not find a new way to budget. This might not work for everyone and that’s okay. For now, it’s working for me and I’m happy my parents helped me figure out that money doesn’t grow on trees and take responisibtly in my life.

Choosing Faith

Personal story time. I have always had a bumpy relationship with my faith. I always believed in God. I believe He is the truth, the way, and the light. I believe His word is true. But I am not perfect. I have had doubts and I have had times where I really didn’t want anything to do with Him. I wanted to ignore the fact that He is my Father and knows what is best for me. But as of lately I have decided to be bold and choose faith.

I grew up happy in a church as a kid spending every Sunday in Sunday school and going to bible study or youth group every Wednesday night. I volunteered to help with the children’s choir, I helped with the dance group, and I knew every book of the bible. I went to church camp and did VBS during the summers. I did all the things you should do to be “a good Christian” as a kid. But I had doubts and I didn’t understand a lot of what I was reading and being taught. Then big things happened in my life that rocked my beliefs.

In 2009 my Nana passed away and I blamed God for it. I blamed Him for making her sick,  I blamed Him for taking her and I blamed Him for making my heart hurt as badly as it did. I didn’t want to pray to Him or worship Him. How could I? I was young and I had never known such loss. I wanted nothing to do with Him at all. I stopped going to youth group and would do anything to avoid paying attention in church or volunteering somewhere else so I didn’t have to sit through services. I was hurt, mad, and lost.

Around 2012 we moved to Florida and my mom got a new job and of course, it was at a church. This was an amazing opportunity for her and to be supportive we started attending the same church she worked at and slowly we got involved there too. I started to love God again and I actually wanted to be there. I wanted to get to know God better and the youth group there really allowed me to do that. It was a small group but we became like a family. I asked to start a small group just for the girls to get together and talk and grow closer to God and I loved meeting with them. I really started to feel like God was on my side. That was until the church closed a few short years after we started coming. It was a quick closure and suddenly I no longer had a “home”.  I again blamed God and I pulled away. This was the second time I felt like God was punishing me and I was kinda over it.

Here I was again blaming my God for something that happened in my life. I turned away from Him and I didn’t want to find a new home church. I just wanted to stop going altogether. I didn’t understand how for close to three years I had found a place that invited me in, I had friends, I was closer to Him, where I felt at home, could just vanish so quickly. I had it all and it was gone. How could He do this to me again? Why did He want me to hurt like this again?

Looking back I never once stopped blaming Him. I was selfish and childish in believing this was a punishment only for me and I had somehow done something wrong. I never turned to Him to ask Him what his plan was for me. I didn’t call on Him in my time of need. I just turned away from Him and decided I was better off without Him. I didn’t want to know a God who could sit in heaven and hurt me like this over and over. Man was that a shallow, childish way to look at it all. Thinking that everything was just to punish me and that I was the only factor in this equation. My mom urged me to try church again. We came across the church we go to now and started to attend. Now when my old church was closing I was asked to sing “Oceans” by Hillsong United for the closing ceremony and that became my song. I sang my heart out and when I came to the new church that song just happened to be playing that Sunday. My mom and I stood there in awe of the lady singing the same song I sang a few months before and I started to cry. Tears running down my cheeks and I knew I couldn’t look back, I had to surrender.

Hearing this song I took this as a sign. This was my chance to either accept what had happened and ask God back into my life or choose to live a life without Him in it. So as the song goes “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters wherever you may call me.” I surrendered to Him, I let Him back in my life. I stood there singing harder and louder than ever before the tears ran down my face and I knew I couldn’t do this alone anymore. I slowly but surely have let Him back in my life and started trusting Him again.

It is crazy to think that God knew all this was going to happen. He knew this entire time that all the bad things would happen, that I would stray away, and that I would later come back to Him. He knew all this and still loves me. He chose to love me the whole time. I think that right there is amazing beyond words and to potentially have lost that because of ignorance on my part is hard to come to terms with.

I can’t stress how much knowing God has changed me for the better. I can’t express how much His love for me has kept me on the right path. I know that choosing to accept Him in my life again was the right choice. I am lucky to be where I am today. I am not perfect, I know there will be times that I doubt Him or that I feel like God isn’t on my side but I know now that I have to be patient, be mindful. I have to take the bad with the good and learn to pray in the hard and the easy times. I know that I am better off knowing Him than before.

How I stay organized!

The only way that I get everything well mostly everything done with my hectic life is by staying organized so that I know what is left to do. By keeping things on a list or all squared away in my planner it helps give tasks a priority in my long list of things. Personally it took me a long time to figure out the exact system that worked best for me. Everyone is a little different so try a few things here and there and see what will work for you. Here are a few of my secrets to managing a busy schedule and living your best life.

First I will start with my planners! Yes I said planners. Having more than one planner is that special thing that works for me! It might be overkill but I know everything has a place in them and I know when things are and when I have to be certain places. My first planner is electronic and is downloaded on every phone in my family. We use the app Cozi to organize all five our of schedules. With my parents constantly on the road, my papa in assisted living, and my brother and I at home it’s hard to know what we are all doing. On the app we share appointment dates, locations of stays and how long, and other necessary information. Next I have my hard cover planner which is just for personal use and for class and homework. In this adorable planner from Marshalls are pages full of color coded appointments, class schedule, and the 900 homework assignments. The last planner is a planner just for this blog. It has my posting schedule with post titles and times. It also has a journal in the back where I plan out the posts and things needed for those post such as instagrams or photos. It’s nice to have a place just for the blog, keeping it separate yet important!

As I mentioned earlier I also use a color coding system to keep everything organized! This helps when looking at my planner I can tell immediately what it is. I believe that a color coding system has helped me significantly because it makes all the mess of stuff I have into neat little lines and sections. It is important to pick colors for things that you will be able to easily tell what they are. I will say it does take time to fill out your planner with all the different colors and to remember to write in the correct colors! I will tell you a little about my colors and will include a few examples.

  • Pink: This is for Fundamentals of Nursing I which is my lecture class in nursing school. I have this class two times a week.
  • Orange: This is for Fundamentals of Nursing I clinical which I also have twice a week.
  • Green: This is reserved for my 6 week long classes that I have every Friday. At the time of this post I will be in Body Structure and Functions.
  • Teal: This is for work related things such as babysitting, dog watching, or Door Dash. I use this to keep track when I work and how much I make doing those jobs.
  • Purple: This is for to do lists within my planner and also for homework that I have. The purple is a nice contrast between the other colors I use for classes.
  • Black: Wacky holidays, appointments, and other important changes/add ons to my schedule

Lastly I use to-do lists every day to help me get things done. I will start everyday with a new list of things to get done either around the house, personally, or homework. I also have a weekly list of things that don’t need to be done on a certain day but still need to be done. My personal rule is to do the daily to-do lists and then pick one or two from the weekly list and get that done too to help get everything done that week! These to-do lists help make a long weekly list seem not so bad. I know it might sound silly but whenever my lists are done I reward myself with doing something that I want to do. It makes getting through a list seem more fun.

So there you have it, a few of my organizational tips to getting through a metic life. Now these might not work for you specifically or you might even come up with others that work better for you! Whatever your system is though once you figure it out it will help make your life a little easier.

20 things about me!

I wanted to give you all a chance to get to know me better so I thought I would write a little about myself. Here are 20 things about myself that I wanted to share with you!

  1. I am 21 years old living in Florida. And although it’s the sunshine state and many love to be at the beach all day I really love my air conditioning.
  2. I just started nursing school and I am on my way to becoming a RN. Ideally I would love to work with pediatrics here in Florida but I also would love to travel and see where nursing can take me.
  3. I recently decided to transfer schools and change majors and while that change was neccessary for my future, it was really hard! I changed majors from Elementary Education and I’m going to school to be a nurse. My nursing route is a little different however because I am going LPN to RN to RN BSN.
  4. I’m a proud sister of Zeta Tau Alpha and I was initiated in the fall of 2016. Since I transferred schools though I am now an alumnae but I still try every day to Seek the Noblest.
  5. I am a cat mom to my ESA Miss Maya Maud! Maya helps me daily with my anxiety and PTSD. Originally when I got her it was just to have a cute kitten but after a traumatic boating accident in January of 2017 she became my ESA.
  6. I’m currently overwhelmed with nursing school but I am always making time to babysit for 8 different families. I also make time to blog and make extra money hear and there including delivering food with Doordash. 
  7. I recently started renting a townhouse with my brother and it has been a journey, to say the least. Living with your brother, starting a new school, paying rent, and being an “adult” is a lot to take in all at once.
  8. I am a sucker for a cute video of fluffy animals or kiddos or makeup tutorials on youtube. At the gym I will watch them as I am on the elliptical which helps the time pass!
  9. I spend way too much money at Target but I mean what millennial girl doesn’t? The worst time to go is when you really don’t need anything but the red bullseye speaks to you and leads you down every aisle until you have a basket full of stuff. 
  10. My favorite color is blush pink but I really like anything bright and happy. My decorating palette consists of white, blush pinks, and gold. 
  11. I love to bake and I really want to start baking more that I have a house. My favorite things to bake are cakes or cupcakes. I like the whole process of weighing it all out, planning exactly what it will look like, and of course licking the spoon after mixing.
  12. I recently have been trying to lose my freshman fifteen and I got to say I actually enjoy working out now. Totally weird for me to say because before I wouldn’t even jog unless being chased by a little kid. 
  13. I have wanted to start a blog since my freshman year of college but was always so nervous to press publish. Now I’m diving in head first and hopefully, it goes well. Ideally, I just want to post and share stories. Maybe that one post you read will connect with you on some level and inspire you to read more. 
  14. I worked for Disney as an intern on the Disney College Program last year. As you could probably tell by the fact I used to work for the company, I am a huge Disney fan! I was an annual pass holder for 4 years up until working for them. Being a photographer with Disney was hands down one of the best jobs I have ever had. I might not work for the company anymore but my love for Disney will never die. 
  15. Eating is one of my favorite past times and I love that food brings people together (hence the freshman fifteen I acquired). Trying new restaurants and whipping up new recipes at home is so much fun for me. I love meeting up with family or friends and enjoying the time I spend with them while stuffing my face full of food.
  16. As a Sagittarius I love to wander and travel to new places. My bucket list for the future travels are South Africa, New Zealand, China, and London. I am not sure when this will happen or where I will travel to just yet but I am excited to see what the future holds.  
  17. I absolutely LOVE candles! I always have one burning in any room I’m in. I love to have more than one burning to have different smells floating in the room mixing together, my favorite combo is a fruit candle and a floral candle together. Currently, I have Mango Paradise and North Valley Lilly candles burning together.
  18. My 2 best friends in the world are no where near me. My best friend Yasmeena lives in New Zealand and my best friend Kat is in Chicago. Yasmeena has been my best friend since high school and even though we don’t talk every day I love her dearly. Katlynn is my best friend from college and we are making the best of her move back to Chi town. Even though we are apart our friendships mean the world to me and I wouldn’t know what to do without them.
  19. I currently have four tattoos and the only visible ones are on my wrist (a semicolon) and my arm (simple symbols that mean “God is greater than my highs and lows”). My other two are a chest piece and one on my hip (roses on my hip in honor of my nana). 
  20. I love exploring new music as a way to escape reality for a minute or two. I love being introduced or exposed to new music. I think that the best part about music is how it makes someone feel!

Here are just a few things about me that might give you a better insight into who I am and things I like. Now there are thousands of other things about me that make me who I am so if you have any questions let me know! Leave a comment or email me, I’m happy to answer questions you might have! This was a small sampling of things about me and I think this was a fun start to the other posts to come. Never forget things that make you happy or things that make you, you. Embrace those things and do them as often as possible, you will be happier because of it. Be you unapologetically, have fun, and be happy.

First of many nights like this

*This post will contain my personal feelings during clinical in nursing school. I will not be naming the location of my clinical or my patients names to protect not only them but myself. Please note that these are my personal thoughts and feelings and are to be read as such. This blog is a place for me to write about things I feel like sharing and also a place for me to better understand the world around me through positive and negative experiences*

This month I start clinical experience at a nursing home in my area. I will not name where I go to clinical for privacy reasons not only for my patients but also for myself. We started going to clinical last week and this has been a huge adjustment for my heart but me as a person overall. I didn’t go into this thinking this would be all sunshine and rainbows nor was I prepared for the overwhelming feelings I would have walking those halls. If you know me, even just a little, you would know that my heart is huge and I would do anything for anyone that needed something. I care with my whole being in my personal life and that bleeds over to the kind of nurse I am as well. But I had no idea how this experience would affect me.

Leaving clinical night I leave with a very heavy heart. I leave full of grief, sadness, rage, and heartbreak. I was not fully prepared for the way I would feel tonight. Tonight I saw patients in extreme pain, I saw CNAs and RNs overworked, I saw many people who lacked empathy or compassion towards patients. I was frustrated by the way the patients were treated and I was frustrated by the fact that no matter what I did I couldn’t solve that problem. I climbed into my car tonight and started to cry as I was overcome with emotion and drove home to recall my feelings in our clinical journal and tried to let my feelings out of on the pages I would later turn into my teacher to read. I don’t think I could ever accurately explain how exactly I was feeling but I tried my best to paint a picture of the roadmap of my emotions for others to read. I know this will be the first of many nights like this.

Though my heart is broken for my patients at my facility and for the many patients in similar situations around the world I can’t imagine not becoming a nurse. I without a doubt believe that this was the best change in my education by switching my major to nursing. This is not an easy path to take, this isn’t ever going to be easy. My nights are filled with long school hours (8-9 hours a night), even longer nights of homework, and my heart has never felt such emotions. This will never be easy but I want this more than anything. I want to help my future patients and their families. I want to make a change no matter how small that change might be. I want to be the nurse that my patients remember even after they are feeling well again. I want my patients to feel safe and cared for while in my care. I want to make a difference. Even after the way I feel night I want to continue to better myself to better the lives of other.

I know that I am not alone in this. I know I am not alone in feeling the feelings I feel right now. I know that other feel this or that they will feel this at some point in their nursing journey. I hope though that these feelings that too shall pass will not keep others from becoming a nurse. I know that even through these feelings this is not stopping me. I know that this will be the first of many nights like this.

This is a place for others to come and express their own thoughts about nursing or medical related experiences. I have a contact page that allows people a chance to email me. If you have a similar experience or want a place to vent or share a story consider this the right place. I will not post your stories or share them with others. I just know that I am not alone in feeling this so if you feel comfortable doing so reach out!

Decorating my new townhouse!

I absolutely love decorating but what I don’t love is my little budget for it! See my budget is a great thing to have but when it comes to decorating a whole townhouse it kind of sucks! But I do have lots of ways to get around a small budget with a large amount of space to decorate. Pinterest truly has been a complete blessing when it comes to decorating on a budget! With items on how to recycle things you already have or how to get a DIY version of something that you saw for sale that is just too expensive.

First off we have to start this out with talking about HOBBY LOBBY!! I love this place, oh my gosh. They always have revolving sale ads that make cheap decorating relatively easy. A lot of my canvas art or the wooden signs I got once they were on sale! One plus to shopping here is something is always on sale. Wooden signs and canvas art arent on sale at the same time so if your budget only allows for one item you can come back another week when the other is on sale. I personally never pay more than $10 for artwork from Hobby Lobby if you shop the right way. Plus you need to look for coupons for items.  Another perk of this is holiday discounts! Holiday decor goes on sale before and after the holidays so it makes picking up those items much cheaper. I can’t speak any higher of my love for Hobby Lobby. These are a few of the art pieces I have got from Hobby Lobby!


But what if you were to say, “But Hannah I don’t have a Hobby Lobby near me, what should I do?” My next stop is usually one of three places; Goodwill, Marshalls, or Target. My favorite thing to do when shopping at Goodwill or Marshalls specifically is to go into the aisles and just look for things that would look good in your house regardless of colors. Let’s say you find a vase that is bright blue but your decor is blush pink. SPRAY PAINT THAT VASE (if you can). This is hands down my favorite thing. I will look and find things that easily can be repainted or cleaned up or even added to something else to make it a new item! I have countless items in my townhouse that were once another color but have been given new life with a coat of spray paint! Here are a couple examples:

Target is another place I love to shop for home decor. I love looking at the clearance end caps and using Target cartwheel to get decor at a discounted price. This is often where I get things that I have looked for over and over at thrift stores or Marshalls and just can’t seem to find. I got my two throw pillows for my bed from Target among other pieces. Another great place to look is the Target dollar bin! I have a succulent corner in my room and I got lots of succulents from there for $3 and painted the bottoms a cream/white color that goes better with my room.

Keep in mind that decorating a new place will not happen overnight and that is my favorite part. You constantly can keep searching for new items and added pieces to your home. Sales are always changing and new trends are coming in by the day so it’s okay for a room to feel unfinished. Keep going until you are happy with it or until you recognize you need to give it some time between spending money on it again. Decorating is so much fun for me and I love sharing new things I find and new decor ideas.

“2018” who is she?

Welcome the new girl in town Miss 2019! It’s crazy to think another year has passed and a new one is just beginning. 2018 was a crazy year for me personally with lots of changes and a lot of new opportunities that I got to experience. I got to experience so many things this past year and for better or worse 2018 is over! What exactly will happen in 2019? Lord only knows but cheers to the new year!

2018 Highlights:

This past year I got to participate in the ever famous Disney College Program in the spring of 2018! The DCP is a professional internship that college age students can apply to be a part of. I was selected for the Spring Advantage term and was there from January until July and I loved every second of it! I also was able to travel a bit (never as much as I want). I got to spend time in Miami, Key West, Kansas City, and Chicago. Most of these trips were spent with family or friends eating food and having a great time. In 2018 I also transferred schools and changed my major in the process. I was accepted into nursing school and have made amazing new connections at school. Lastly (and arguable the best part of the past year) I turned 21 and partied as hard as I could with having to work the next morning! Pink wig on and drink in hand I got to spend my birthday with friends, family, and some fabulous drag queens. 2018 was one to remember.

2019 Hopes:

The future is bright and man am I excited for it. This year I want to achieve a lot personal goals for myself and I believe strongly this will lead to more happiness in my life. My biggest hope for the new year is to do well in my nursing program and become an amazing LPN. I am hoping to work as an LPN for a few months before going on to the RN program. I also want this blog to really become something bigger. I am hoping this takes me places I have only dreamed before. I hope to explore who I am and the city I live in and better myself in the process. Of course the typical “get healthy and travel more” is on my list too. I am working everyday towards these goals and I hope to share about every single one of my hopes becoming my reality with you all.

All new years are a time to change, a time to better yourself, and a chance to be who you would like to become. However I also believe resolutions don’t end in January. Change takes time and you have to continuously work towards. Here is to working towards new hopes and working on myself this year!