About & FAQs

 Hey hey hey, I’m Hannah Marie!


I am currently in nursing school in Florida! I am excited to finish school and to start working in a hospital with kiddos. Right now I am stu(dying) all the time and keeping busy as a nanny during the week! But don’t worry I still make time for donuts and Netflix!

Posting on here is a fun way to balance out my life while letting you in on how crazy it all is! I am excited to show you around my beautiful city, take you on my travels with me, and share a good recipe here and there!

I currently love:

  • All donuts, I don’t and would never discriminate against any donuts.
  • Leggings and comfortable clothes.
  • Spending hours at Target.
  • Reading new books on Kindle.
  • Podcasts… all the podcasts!


Q: What do you post about?

A: Good question and the easy answer is everything! I post about the wacky holidays each month that I want to celebrate, good food, style, and well anything that sparks my interest. I try to keep thing relevant to things about my life that I think others can relate too and I try to make my blog as personal as possible.

Q: I love this blog where can I get more?

A: Well first, love that you love it! You can skip over to Instagram and follow me @simplyhannah_marie. I post on there quite frequently and I update my monthly highlights with wacky holiday posts! Make sure you leave comments on the blog posts you like and I will focus my content on things people are liking the most!


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